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A serial killer has trapped you in a deadly game, matching his wits against yours.


Who will get out alive?

Difficulty: High

You are apprentices of a powerful wizard, and an enemy of your master has poisoned you.


Search his chambers for the antidote before the poison kills you all.

Difficulty: Moderate




One final test and your field agent training is over.


Just as long as nothing goes wrong...

Difficulty: Easier

As the most recent graduates from the Scare Academy, it's time to be tested!


Complete the duelling simulations and prove to the monsters in charge that you have what it takes.

Difficulty: Moderate



A disgruntled and power hungry ex-employee is causing trouble for us all.


We thought firing her would get her out of our hair, but it only made her angrier. And it's only going to get worse.

Difficulty: Easier/Moderate



Ozark Escape Conway is much more than games and puzzles - it’s an immersive, interactive experience that takes you on a journey to a new reality.

Our escape rooms are filled with mysteries and challenges designed to engage and ignite your imagination, ideal for friends, families or date night. Multiplayer games are our specialty and we welcome groups big or small.

When you pass through our doors, you’re leaving your everyday life and entering a world of intrigue, excitement, and adventure.

$28 per person / $26 per person for groups of 8 or more players (prices include tax).

Ozark Escape Conway can be found adjacent to Conway Industrial Park, right next to I-40 and across the street from Honda World.


We're about 1 minute from the shops and restaurants at Lewis Crossing, and about 5 minutes from historic Downtown Conway.

(times shown indicate start of booking)
Mon / Tue / Wed 4:30 - 8 pm
Fri  / Sat / Sun 12 - 9 pm
Have a large group and want a time outside of normal hours? 
Contact us to set an appointment.
Please contact Conway here.

Thanks for contacting Ozark Escape Conway!


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