Escape room games are built around the need for collaboration. Most escape rooms require participants to combine their resources and solve problems together, with the solutions to many puzzles involving performing different actions simultaneously. This is a great way to strengthen critical thinking and team work.

If you're a supervisor, job skills coordinator, human resources officer, certified business coach or otherwise involved in management for a company or organization, Ozark Escape can help you improve business management, foster productivity, boost morale, and a whole host of other positive outcomes. Successfully working together, quickly and efficiently, helps a lot in our escape rooms and in your business.


Having trouble getting your staff to work as a team? Participating in collaborative problem-solving can help create and sharpen good communication skills, promote active listening, encourage feedback, and enables employees to accept constructive criticism, improve effective interpersonal communication, and grow their leadership skills. These are the qualities that will help them to succeed in their careers.


If you want to emphasize innovation, use brainstorming to discuss and create strategy and seek solutions, better articulate your organization's strengths and weaknesses, and accommodate different leadership styles. Growing as a team benefits your staff and your business as a whole, whether for business or pleasure. This is where Ozark Escape can help!